Rules of Engagement 


Thrive in any environment with this masterclass designed for achievers looking to learn the unspoken language of the elite.

Effortlessly inject elegance and confidence into every interaction while you leverage the rules of refinement to instantly dazzle those you really want to impress.

There is nothing more impactful than a well-timed and thoughtfully written Thank You letter.

How this Masterclass delivers

Communicate with Class

Ever felt like you could benefit from quick and effective tools to improve your ability to make an impression?

Looking for encouraging support towards improving your communication decorum?

Included in the Masterclass is an overview of all Do's and Don'ts of interpersonal, phone and digital communication. 

Learn the art of Hosting

Ever wanted to host a luxury garden party or afternoon tea?

Not sure how to set a formal dining table or what to wear to a black tie event? 

We're here for you, and we can help you make it look easy.

Your Etiquette Consultant

Sarah Labree is the founder of Legacy Networking and a certified Etiquette Consultant experienced in the rules of engagement for British Etiquette, Business Relationship Management & Hosting Events.  

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