April 13, 2020

#squadgoals is usually used to describe a group of gorgeous looking people having an amazing time or experiencing something new. See below 🙂

My bridesmaids and I getting ready for the big day

Squads goals are important, not just because they give you an image of being well liked on social media (lol) but because those people if chosen in the right way can be the catalyst to the life you want to live. 

People aren’t props for photos or seat fillers a dinner party; they are walking talking experiences, knowledge and expertise. Everyone has something to offer beyond just their presence and in the long run they can become our keys to success in life and business. 

When thinking of squad goals in relation to our goals in general, there is an opportunity to optimise the people you surround yourself with and compared to other parts of life, this is an area where you have complete control. 

In the same way we put a lot of investment, contemplation and experimentation into finding a life partner, the same should take place for the squad of people who share who we intend to share our lives with.

Of course, there are people in our that we don’t choose like family, but for the majority of characters in the story of your life, you have every right to apply a covert set of criteria to ensure you only end up with quality. 

Let’s be clear, someone who could potentially join your squad doesn’t have to be your best friend or even a friend at all. They are people who are on your team.

The comparison of life to a game of chess is a really powerful visual representation, whether or not you know how to play.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

YOU are the royalty on the chess board (King or Queen) and when choosing the people who stand in the back row with you, make sure they know the strategy and are just as determined to win as you are. If not, the other side won’t hesitate to take their turn to get that promotion, that dream client, that amazing opportunity and ultimately the success that you want. 

If you are going to tackle the challenge of winning at the game of life, you want to make sure you have a good team. They may or may not grab drinks with you after all is said and done, but you should have a good collaboration-based relationship with them and have fun winning together.

There are a lot of ambitious people in the world that have something they want to achieve. Chances are a good portion of them want to achieve the same things you want and not everyone can win.

You might be thinking, wow that’s hardcore all I really want in life is to be warm, have food on the table and a good job. In this case you have even MORE competition because that’s what literally everyone wants.

Even the simple goals take consideration for the squad on your side, they will be the people with you for those life milestones of marriage, children or a new career. Without the right people on your side even the most basic life goals can be spoiled. 

Goal 1: 

Surround yourself with the things you lack. 

The best part about spending time with people who do, say or think differently than you, is that by default you’re seeing the world from a different perspective.

The amount of things I’ve learned about the cultures, hobbies and ambitions of people who are completely different from me, far outweighs anything I could have hoped to learn from books or traditional methods. That’s why people who frequently travel the world and come back, sometimes overbearingly, enlightened. 

Most people tend to think they should look to meet people that they have a lot in common with, as it feels really comfortable and they lean into that feature as a sign of compatibility. It’s nice to have that one person that you see as a reflection of yourself and of course it means you can spend a lot of time agreeing on things but in the long run is that person going to encourage growth in your life?

I’d put a limit of one person in your squad that closely resembles your personality traits and the rest should embody traits that you lack.

Further than that, we should seek out people in our lives who actually enrich areas that we are looking to improve on. If you’re an introvert or struggle with communication, find that social butterfly. If you struggle to look at situations objectively then find that analytical soul who can give you guidance.

In life and in business it’s important to embrace the pieces we are missing, either in our understanding or experience and look to fill those holes with the assistance of our squad. Now that’s a life goal. 

Goal 2: 

Surround yourself with YOUR philosophy.

This goal was very nearly going to state that you should surround yourself with positivity, and while that’s a good practice, there will always be a time in your life where that’s the opposite of what you want. It’s not always necessary to be positive but it is necessary to know what you believe in.

What is your philosophy in life? Are you someone who believes all is right in the world as long as it’s fair, fun or realistic? Some realists out there are labelled as pessimists and that’s not necessarily the case.

Think about what your underlying philosophy is and seek that out in others. Don’t surround yourself with someone who is always pointing out the silver lining in a situation if it infuriates you. Some people want to feel the gravity of a situation before they can begin to find positivity, and that’s okay.

An example from my own squad:

We have The Planner and The Go with the Flow girl in our squad. While on a trip to Mexico, there was a good amount of planning done to successfully drive ourselves the 6 hours from Cali to the resort she’d booked.

When we hit a scary and unexpected Mexican ‘checkpoint’ – The Planner froze and thankfully The Go with the Flow girl in our squad happened to be driving and with a little bit of improvised Spanish and a quick thinking bribe our plans were back on track.

Now, that would never have been my natural reaction to the situation but without that varied combination of traits in our squad that checkpoint would have either ruined our trip with a lengthy detour or landed us in a Mexican jail!

Someone with an aversion to bribes would probably judge her ethically dodgy methods of persuasion and been uncomfortable but a few minutes after that ordeal we were all back to singing loud and enjoying our road trip!

The common philosophy in our group is that we don’t really care how things get done as long as it all works out in the end.

Goal 3:

Seize the opportunity for win-win connections with people who meet the above criteria. 

So now you’ve encountered someone who fills gaps you lack, shares your philosophy and you’re thinking this person could be a good addition to my strategic squad! Great! Now what?

It’s true that relationships are hard to form, and one of my favourite quotes is,

“When you need a relationship, it’s too late to build it.”

This is golden advice from the book, ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office’ by Lois P. Frankel and reinforces the need for us to see others as future assets.

Most people don’t feel like they have the time, energy or interest in adding more people to their lives. That is totally understandable, even to a self proclaimed people person, however, to win we all need a good team.

If there is even a slight feeling that the people around you aren’t helping you to reach your goals, then don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can do it alone.

Practice the ability to spot easy win-win scenarios with people who can enhance or even just simplify your life. The most influential skill you can acquire is spotting when someone is in need before they’ve had the opportunity to ask or display the desperation.

It may have been all those years spent working in hospitality but I was grateful when my college professor was clearly in need of participation from the class. I put my embarrassment of not knowing the answers aside and when no one else would, I raised my hand and gave it a go.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t the most talented business school student, I just knew how important it was to engage in class and that meant I didn’t struggle to get a compelling letter of recommendation when applying for my master’s programme.

I knew once I needed that relationship, it would be too late to build it and because I spotted their moment of need, they were happy to play on my team in the game of life. 

Now, some people argue that this is ‘sucking up’ for a potential benefit that might not come in the future but I would argue that the difference when asking for a favour is worth the effort. It is a lot harder to ask someone to do you a favour when they owe you absolutely nothing.

If it’s important to you and you mean nothing to them, they won’t care what the outcome is and they likely not put any effort into helping you succeed.

In Conclusion:

The way we treat people and the choices we make about who we keep on our team can determine our chances for winning at the game of life. 

The important takeaway is to keep those close who can give you a fresh perspective but share your underlying values. Keep them sweet and create easy ways to have a win-win outcome even if it means you are the first to give, it will always come back around if intentions are pure. 

If we all look back on all the times in our lives when someone has made things difficult for us, declined to give assistance or just outright betrayed us, let’s think of this principle.

There are two options: we can either randomly react to the people in our lives as if they don’t matter or we can learn to strategise our squad and get people on our team so that we can win the things that we want most in this world. 

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