November 4, 2020

Someone asked me recently, what is a super networker and what professions do you normally find them in? This is when I started to contemplate the success of politicians and wondered if they might owe political success to the principles of being a super networker.

When I first started learning about super networkers, it sounded like something out of a comic book. I mean really is there such a thing as a “super” networkers? Well yes, and it was through real world examples that I really began to understand. 

The first profession that serves as a great example is politicians. They need to make connections on a super scale in order to generate the support of their voters, inspire brilliant people to work on their campaigns and entice rich people to donate to their fundraising. They are the ultimate super networkers because the strategic networking that they deploy must be effective or else it can make or break their ability to win their desired office. 

There is one key distinction between super networkers and everyone else

and this allows us to quickly spot them. Super networkers are much more likely to be the leader of their network. They quite often are the glue that holds everyone together around a community’s cause or purpose. They cultivate the vision of success within the minds of the people around them and in turn their followers then place trust in that chosen leader to represent and guide that group towards shared goals.

During a major political election it’s become clear that you have to have the qualities of a super network to win. One of the key qualities essential for success is the ability to pivot towards the specific contacts needed to succeed and do so without hesitation. The last thing a leader needs is for the direction of the current to change underneath them and not keeping ahead of the pack.

Politician and super networker

 This is also a great characteristic to have if you’re a management consultant or sales manager selling to various levels in an organisation. Other super networkers can be found in Marketing, PR or Non- Profit organisations. Again, we can attribute the success of these leaders to their ability to maintain a level of super networking throughout their careers and more importantly more consistently than their competition. 

Lastly, the natural ability to make a genuine human connection with someone is what differentiates super networkers from those who simply strive to expand their contact book. One misconception is that natural ability means that you’ve got it inherently, but with Legacy Networking, that natural ability can be developed with our universal techniques that anyone can learn. 

Exactly what is a super networker?

This is my version of the definition which is a combo of other definitions boiled down to the main idea – Super networkers are professionals at making connections that will benefit their overall strategy by researching the right events, gathering contact details, following up and repeating over and over until they have a high powered and lucrative set of contacts. 

One of the best round-ups of the things that differentiate super networkers from the rest of us is this article from Life Hack where they list the 12 things that super networkers do differently.

Considering all that’s been said on this subject, contrary to what it may seem, I don’t think we all need to be super networkers but we can learn a few of the key reasons why they are successful. When you study the reasons why one person succeeds, it won’t work exactly the same for everyone so the idea is to take a few points and then start to implement them into your own efforts for a better network.

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